The Fluxcore Profiles: Eisa Davis

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The second Heady Heart artist profile has posted to Fluxcore magazine.

Head here to read an interview with the incomparable Eisa Davis.


The Fluxcore Profiles: Emily Bezar

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The first of the Heady Heart Project’s artist profiles on Fluxcore Magazine just posted.

This article introduces readers to Emily Bezar, while telling the story of the Heady Heart Project’s genesis and goals.

After reading the article, please send your responses and ideas to

“Sun Moon Child” Collage

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Not only does Pierre Bennu of exittheapple’s tribute to Black and Afro-diasporic dance forms feature music by the Heady Heart-ed Imani Uzuri, but it is also an incredible piece of art in its own rite, expertly edited to reflect a diversity of Black creative expression that defies reductive categorization. (note: altho you can watch the youtube version below, it looks much better on exittheapple’s site, which is worth visiting anyway).


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Welcome to the website of The Heady Heart Project, an initiative geared toward supporting the art of challenging, multidimensional women musicians.

For an explanation of the Project and its goals, please read “About the Project.”

Then let us hear from you!!