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The Heady Heart Project seeks to develop a critical mass of fans and listeners working to support unusual women artists and make their art more sustainable. Get involved by extending our work within your own communities. Listen to our recommended artists, and then find creative ways of disseminating their art in new spaces. Think about ways you might help support or nurture women’s careers. Things people have done include:
~Posting a link to the Heady Heart Project website on blogs and website to improve our “google-ability.”
~Planning festivals, concerts or listening parties
~Making mix CDs for friends, family and acquaintances and encouraging them to purchase whole albums by their favorite artists.
~Purchasing albums as gifts for friends, family and acquaintances.
~Donating money to artists to fund the creation of new music
~Writing articles, reviews and artist profiles for various media outlets
~Donating professional services, ie as an artist manager, booking agent, lawyer, marketing consultant, public relations specialist, graphic designer, etc.
Ultimately, The Heady Heart Project is an initiative being built from the ground up. The possibilities are endless. Send your stories, reactions and ideas to Over time, the Heady Heart website will become a portal for radical cross-fertilization.
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